Why traveling?

IMG_1508was born on August 20th 1980 in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia still existed! Although Yugoslavian most famous leader Josip Broz Tito died few months before I was born, through my elementary school I felt good part of communist style of education and leader worshiping. I was the last generation of Tito’s pioneers. At the end of my first grade I was put my blue cap with red star on it and red scarf and had to give an oath to our dead president.

At the beginning of 90’s Yugoslavia broke down to six different states. I witnessed civil war events in Croatia and Bosnia as well as one of biggest monetary inflations in the world during the year of 1993. And then finally I whiteness NATO bombing in 1999 and short part of civil war at Kosovo.

Western civilization had to blame someone for breaking of Yugoslavia so I guess the easy one to blame would be Serbs. Therefore, a good part of my life I spend in an isolated country under the Sanctions of United Nations. It sucked. Economy went down, banks bankrupted, new political “elite” of criminals raised up over the night, social values disappear, black market, corruption and all kind of scammers and criminals became role models for young generations.

And country was isolated. In order to travel anywhere you had to go through painful process of getting visa at some embassy and usually you would not be granted one. Traveling and going out of a country became privilege.

I guess this is how fall in love with traveling. I dreamed about living in some other place where you can go where ever you like and when ever you like.

At the end of 90’s things kind of normalized. I started Law College at 1999, right after NATO bombing was over and successfully studied until 2004. That is when I played United States Green Card Lottery Visa Program and won my green card.

I arrived in United States on April 13th 2004 and live in Madison, Wisconsin since then.

I bar-tend and have my online book selling business.

My biggest hobby is journalism.

I travel when ever I can, and I make sure I can as often as possible.

Predrag Rudovic – Niko

2 Responses to Why traveling?

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  2. Zora says:

    Dear friend, all the best in your work.
    Regards from Sydney!


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